Royal Patron HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO

PAX - Life from a Faith Perspective

Why PAX is needed

Society has become increasingly fragmented by extremist agendas and ideologies. These ideologies have broken the trust between faiths and the solidarity of communities of different faiths. This is seen in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, but is becoming a serious issue around the world. This ideological divide is a matter of life and death – internationally but also in our own communities. Sadly the issue has not been given the attention it needs.

A “counter-narrative” of peace and understanding is needed that is both trusted and inspiring. The Awareness Foundation has thirteen years’ experience in helping Christians to play their full part in our diverse world, and in building bridges between faiths through communicating a message of love to other faiths and communities.

The need is urgent and important, as young people have become alienated from faith by an anti-religious secularism and from mainstream society through the propagation of extremist ideologies. There is no Christian global counter-narrative to this anti-religion and extremism, and this is the space which PAX will fill.

PAX Vision

To create a free to view, web-based video channel offering stimulating faith-based commentary on life that demonstrates what faith can do in people’s lives, and that faith should be a force for good, both for individuals and for the wider community.

PAX Audience

PAX is aimed at Christians of all denominations and all ages, including churchgoers and those who self-identify as Christian. Using a web-based global digital communications channel means that PAX reaches a worldwide audience.

Through our exceptional experience in providing an authentic Christian perspective for other faiths' events and activities, we know how to communicate our faith in a way that allows people of other faiths to learn about Christianity, not to impose our faith upon them but to help them to build better relationships with us for the good of all.

​PAX Content

PAX offers a commentary on life from a faith perspective, using personal experience and insight rather than academic teaching. PAX provides a regular stream of new videos; older videos are retired or archived. PAX represents a spiritual and rational viewpoint.

Our videos feature excellent speakers, authorities in their chosen fields, presenting a stimulating debate and discussion of life today. In addition, the involvement of guest contributors from other faiths will enrich the discussion, enabling Christians to gain a better understanding of their own faith and allowing them to hear an alternative faith perspective.