Royal Patron HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO

WindsorNadim at Windsor Castle


Above, top: Nadim signs the Guest Book

Above, middle: Nadim in the Red Room

Above, lower: Nadim poses in front of a portrait of Queen Victoria.

Upper right: Nadim at breakfast with the German Ambassador and astronaut Colonel Christopher Hadfield - you might remember Col. Hadfield singing 'Space Oddity' on the International Space Station!

Lower right: Nadim with (l to r) Vice Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt (Master of the Royal Household, Wing Commander Sam Fletcher (Equerry in Waiting) and Lt Col. Charles Richards (Deputy Master of the Royal Household)


The Revd Nadim Nassar was invited by HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to dine with them at Windsor Castle on Monday 11th April 2016. The other guests were The Duke of York, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, His Excellency the High Commissioner for Canada (Mr Gordon Campbell), His Excellency the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany (Dr Peter Ammon) & Mrs Marliese Heimann-Ammon, Sir Roger & Lady Carr, Mr Mark Getty & Ms Caterina Nahberg, Colonel & Mrs Christopher Hadfield, Sir Jonathan and Lady Ive, Chief Rabbi & Mrs Ephraim Mirvis, Dr & Mrs Simon Sebag-Montefiore and Sir Nicholas & Lady Serota. A wonderfully diverse guest list! Nadim especially enjoyed a long chat with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield about how space travel affects spirituality and one's relationship with God.

"I was deeply touched and encouraged by the Queen's concern for the people of Syria and her interest in the work of the Awareness Foundation, especially our work in Syria and Iraq to train young people to be 'Ambassadors for Peace.'" Nadim said. "I also enjoyed a long chat with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, about the tragic situation in Syria and the hopes for peace there; she also commended the Foundation for our work with young people in Syria."

After dinner, the guests were shown items selected fro the Royal Library which would be of particular interest to them. Nadim's table included a petition from the Syrian Patriarch concerning dissent in the Syrian Church, an account by the future King George V of a meeting in Damascus with a Muslim who had saved the lives of many Christians there, and Queen Victoria's own handwritten journal which showed her practising Hindustani - a language which borrows heavily from Arabic.  

Nadim spent a very pleasant night at the Castle, having breakfast with a number of his fellow guests before heading back to the realities of the Awareness Foundation and a church in Deptford.

Nadim would like to thank all the staff who made his visit such an enjoyable one, especially Lt Col. Charles Richards, the Deputy Master of the Royal Household, and Vice Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt, the Master of the Royal Household, and Wing Commander Sam Fletcher (Equerry in Waiting).

Nadim at breakfast