North America

In North America, the Awareness Foundation works through a team of volunteers who are helping us to spread our vision and mission in the United States and Canada. Our volunteers are based in Washington DC, New York, Georgia,Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, California and Toronto. We enjoy the support of different denominations including the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Presbyterian Church.

In the United States, Awareness Foundation America is a 501 (c) 3 registered non-profit corporation (Public Charity). Our EIN is 94-3305814.

Chris Bunting is Chaiman of the Board of Awareness Foundation America.

Awareness Foundation America's Board of Directors are:

  • Christopher Bunting (Chairman) Toronto, Canada
  • Steve Taber San Francisco CA
  • Danny Redding-Rhodes Virginia
  • The Revd Nadim Nassar(Director, Awareness Foundation) United Kingdom
  • St. John Wright (Operations Director, Awareness Foundation) United Kingdom

 Previous Directors:

  • The Revd Donald McPhail Charleston SC
  • The Revd Andrew Sloane Washington DC
  • The Revd Donald Fishburne Chattanooga TN
  • The Revd Donald Waring New York NY
  • The Rt Revd Michael Marshall (President, Awareness Foundation) United Kingdom
  • The Revd Dr Dee Dee Estes New Orleans LA

Our Advisers:

  • Stuart Auchincloss Woodstock NY
  • Joyce Hoyle (Chief Financial Officer) Medford NJ
  • Linda Wilkinson Washington DC

Our Objectives:

We work to educate Christians about their own faith in a diverse world so that they can:

  • live their faith without fear or compromise
  • give an account of their faith
  • play their part in building their communities
  • build bridges or genuine respect and mutual understanding with those of other faiths and none.

Our Programmes:

Awareness Foundation America has two key vehicles:

  • The Awareness Course is our education programme; and
  • The Awareness Forum is our outreach programme comprising conferences, lectures and other activities.

We also take full part in the Awareness Foundation's Travelling Fellowship and Delegations and Pilgrimages programmes.

Contact Us

To contact Awareness Foundation America, please contact us at.


Awareness Foundation
PO Box 217
Ross, CA 94957 USA


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To contact the UK liaison for Awareness Foundation America, please contact us.


Awareness Foundation
Lodge House, 69 Beaufort Street
London SW3 5AH, UK


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