Short Stories

Nadi, an 11 year old boy, talked for the very first time about his mother’s death. He was very confused and angry as he had prayed to God to save his mother’s life, but she had died. Nadi told his mentor that he could not trust God anymore, because when it really mattered God had not listened to his prayers. She explained to him that God always answers our prayers, but in His own way.


Because he had shared his pain, we saw a change in Nadi and that he was now better able to cope with the dreadful loss he had suffered.



Jad, a young boy from Homs, was very aggressive and over-competitive when he began Little Heroes. The leaders gave him extra help, listening to him and encouraging him to ask questions whenever he needed.


He began to become calmer, better able to listen and take part. By the end, the leaders described him as “like another person.” They saw marvellous changes in this child, such as  Jad taking the time to help younger children.


Bashar told us that Jesus had come to him in a dream when he was three years old to tell him that he would die when he was young.


A leader said that, “He is counting the days until he dies and his life is a mess.”


The leader prayed with Bashar and is now working with his mother and priest to help him.

One very happy little boy who took part in all activities, asked lots of questions, and was well-liked by the other children surprised everyone when he gave his name: Mohammad. This name is only used by Muslims.


The leader told us that none of the children treated him any differently once they realised that he was Muslim, and that they continued to spend time with him in a wonderful way despite the great tensions that now exist in the region between the different faiths. The leader did remark that things might have been different among adults, and that children are so ready to embrace people who are different.


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