August 2, 2019

The theme of our latest LITTLE HEROES programme, which is currently under way in Lattakia, Syria, is "The Fisherman and the Sea".


Over 12 months, we work on building the children's well-being, self-esteem, resilience, and emotional health. The aims are:

  • Give the children back some of their lost childhood;

  • Plant the seeds of love, trust and hope in them;

  • Help to heal children through the arts, play and spiritual nourishment;

  • Enable them to discover and develop their own gifts and talents;

  • Empower them to overcome the great troubles they have faced.

From 1st to 3rd August, 170 children are working hard to become LITTLE HEROES. They come originally from every part of Syria and they represent every denomination. 


Over the three days, the young Syrians will see 6 plays, performed by many of our 35 volunteer leaders present. The plays, which focus on the themes of love, trust and acceptance, are all themed around the sea. Above, you can see "Karkoush the Crab",  "Hasoush the Sea Horse" and "Samkoush the Fish", three of the colourful characters who bring the teaching to life!


Learning through play: one of the many games and activities on offer to encourage self-expression and build teamwork.


Arts & Crafts: everyone has a chance to make their own 'fish bowl'. For many children, LITTLE HEROES may be their very first experience using paints, crayons etc..

 A final photograph before everyone goes home.


We offer our congratulations and our deepest gratitude to our volunteers (some shown above) who have given so generously of their time both before and during the catalyst event for our next LITTLE HEROES mentoring programme!